Martin Roberts at The Flower Shop, Bushey

Stylish Flowers in the Classy Ivory Suite

Stylish Flowers in the Ivory Suite

The Grove, Flowers with Attitude

With its function rooms as varied in style, appeal and size as The Potting Shed's rustic cosiness is to The Amber Suite's opulence is a hotel for all seasons and reasons.

Many of the room decorations feature seasonal flowers, we wouldn't have apple blossom branches available in winter but hopefully the photos of our work will give you ideas on how you could have the room/suite decorated for your own event. We haven't been selective with the photos chosen, in our opinion some of the arrangements could be bigger and for instance in The Ivory Room more of them but he who pays the piper...

If we can be of service for a private or corporate event at The Grove contact us to discuss your requirements or speak to the knowledgeable & helpful events team at the hotel.

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